Stop Look Listen: Rain, 7.10.20 I decided to venture out into the rain. The surrounding parks where I live have always been a respite for me. I used the footage from that wet afternoon as a prompt for the improv I recorded on keyboard the following day. For me, as a composer, creative, and human being, it’s been an overwhelmingly difficult (and painful) year to feel motivated, so I’ve been exploring new outlets for inspiration.
I’m learning just how important it is to slow down and appreciate the moment. To actively stop, look and listen.
I want this video to serve as a moment of stopping, a moment of rest.

Check out this 2018 performance of my piece, BEAR, originally commissioned by Castle of our Skins. Best yet. Features the incredible Rex Mobley on vocals, with Francesca McNeeley chopping like a pro on the cello and Julia Carey just murdering on the piano (in the best way possible). I’m incredibly grateful, and continuously inspired by you all. Reginald Mobley (all of them) do such a superb job of capturing the complex soup of emotions that makes this piece.Videography by Dave Jamrog. Performance as part of the Nigra Sum Sed Formosa collaboration between Castle of our Skins and the Handel and Haydn Society [April 27th, 3pm at Roxbury Community College].